News Dota 2 becomes the official partner of Team NP

Team NP, which is new to the competitive world of Dota 2 has officially announced their second sponsor on their website this evening.

Match Preview: Fantastic Five vs. Power Rangers

WellPlay Invitational #4 Preview

New Alliance roster?

There are rumors about a possible new Alliance roster for the upcoming season.

Match preview: Prodota Gaming vs. PowerRangers

Preview of Elements Cup #2 semi-final

Possible new Fnatic roster *Update: Confirmed*

Rumors about the new Fnatic roster

GG.BET is paying teams for bets from their fans

Teams will receive a portion of bets placed by their fans

Kaipi made a serious mistake with roster registration

Kaipi failed to update their roster on time

Miracle- set to join Team Liquid?

Miracle- is rumored to become a Team Liquid player

Match Preview: Vega Squadron vs. Kaipi

Preview of the WCA EU Qualifiers Final

SumaiL to take a break?

SumaiL wants to take a break from Dota 2 for 5 months

Top predictions Dota 2

Прогнозы от Skan 95% 31 today
Bets by Boss Premium 91% 26 today
Bets by Boss Private Group 89% 21 today
Альянс аналитиков 67% 57 today