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Samsung show Jin Air June 25, 09:00
SKT T1 show Jin Air June 20, 09:00
Jin Air show bbq June 17, 12:00
kt show Jin Air June 13, 09:00
Jin Air show Longzhu June 10, 09:00
Jin Air show Ever8 June 7, 09:00
ROX show Jin Air June 1, 12:15
MVP show Jin Air May 30, 09:00
Jin Air show Kongdoo April 27, 10:00
Jin Air show Ever8 April 25, 05:00
Jin Air show bbq April 2, 12:00
Jin Air show Afreeca March 28, 12:00
Jin Air show Kongdoo March 23, 09:00
Samsung show Jin Air March 21, 09:00
MVP show Jin Air March 18, 09:00
Jin Air show kt March 14, 12:00
Jin Air show Longzhu March 9, 12:00
SKT T1 show Jin Air March 7, 09:00
ROX show Jin Air March 4, 11:30
Jin Air show ROX March 1, 09:00
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Jin Air Achievements

Date Tournament Place Prize
2016-11-19 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup 5 place 4,400
2016-08-20 2016 Coca-Cola Zero LCK Summer 7 place 8,960
0000-00-00 2017 LoL Champions Korea 6 place 9,000

News about Jin Air

Umti присоединился к Jin Air
ikssu присоединился к Jin Air
SnowFlower присоединился к Jin Air
Blanc перешел из Jin Air в PSG
Chei перешел из Jin Air в H2k
Winged перешел из Jin Air в CJ Entus
Winged ушел из Jin Air
TrAce ушел из Jin Air
Blanc ушел из Jin Air
Pilot ушел из Jin Air
Chei ушел из Jin Air
Sweet ушел из Jin Air
Raise перешел из Roccat в Jin Air
Pilot перешел из Jin Air в PSG
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